olympia, kentmere 100, and stand development.

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4220 XE Kentmere 100 400 Stand Oly 02On Friday I decided to shoot a roll of Kentmere 100. I loaded my Nikon FM3a and attached the 50mm 1.8AF lens. Because of the changing light conditions in the Northwest, I shot the film according to need. I shot the film at box speed, at 200, 400, and one shot at 800. I then developed the film in R09 One Shot at 1:100 @20C for an hour. I agitated the film the first 30 seconds and then 5 seconds at the 30-minute mark. This is Stand Development. The long time period allows the developer to deplete and it does not matter what speed you shot the film. If I shot the film only at 100 I would not have used this method. The stop sign was shot at 100 and the fallen tree was shot at 400. The next 2 images were shot at 100.

4220 XE Kentmere 100 Stand Oly 154220 XE Kentmere 100 Stand Oly 10-Edit

This tree was shot at 800.

4220 XE Kentmere 100 800 Stand Oly 24

The next 2 at 400.

4220 XE Kentmere 100 400 Stand Oly 084220 XE Kentmere 100 400 Stand Oly 03

And finally, No Smoking shot at 100.

4220 XE Kentmere 100 Stand Oly 20

People use different times and formulations, and differing agitation methods, but generally, a long time period is used when developing the film.

5 Replies to “olympia, kentmere 100, and stand development.”

  1. Kentmere really seems like the best bang for the buck.
    Your results with RO9 seem about what I would expect — a little more contrast and grain, but nice blacks. I’ve liked the film with PMK Pyro, but the loss of a stop is a little too much, so I mostly now use L110 at box speed. I look forward to seeing where you go next.

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  2. I always wondered about “stand development”. Do you need a particular developer for this or any developer could work (with, perhaps, minor issues)?

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