5 rolls of film. roll 3. e100.

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He was on the north side of Highway 50, a few miles west of Austin, Nevada. He did not have a pack or any means of carrying water. It was early, the temperatures still in the 60’s. I pulled over and was about to ask if he needed any help when he said, “my name is Tim, and yes, I am an old man walking alone, and yes, I do not have any provisions with me, and no, I do not need help”. He looked at my license plate, “you tourists are constantly coming to my rescue. I am fine and would like to continue my walk”. A car pulled up behind me and he went up to it and got in. There was a woman behind the wheel, and you could see they were talking about me. She got out, a slim woman of about 60 years of age, wearing jeans, boots, and a T-Shirt. She walked up to me. “He is my father. I drop him off just west of town 3 or 4 days a week. He walks till I come back in an hour or so. He tries to cover at least 3 miles. Years ago, he would walk all the highways in the state. He would have a backpack and sleep not far from the road. He never left the highway to go into the mountains. It was all about the road. He cannot do that anymore, but he tries to capture what it was like at least for a few hours each week”. She turned around, went back to the car, did a U-turn, and drove back to Austin. I had not said anything to either of them.

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