2118 Ilford 3200 at 1600 Seattle R4M 50 824This week I have begun to develop some of my film. The first roll came out fine. The second did not. I had some difficulty loading it onto the film spool (which goes into a light-proof container). This is all done in a changing bag which itself is light proof. I had forgotten to put scissors in the bag which meant that I could not get a clean straight edge (35mm film has a tab which needs to be cut off). I did eventually get it on the spool after the fifth attempt. In the process, the film was bent, scratched, mutilated, and whatever else you can do to wreck the film. It did not ruin the exposures. I now have images with ‘character’. Voigtlander R4M with Artisan 50 1.1 Lens. Ilford Delta 3200 shot at 1600 and developed in Rodinal.

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