2218 Tmax400 800 R3M 50 Seattle 873-EditI started shaving my head three years ago. All my sons also shave their heads. In looking back, I wonder now what prompted me to do it. Did I do it to prolong my role as a sex symbol? No, that is already assured. Did I do it for convenience? No, now it takes twice as long to shave. Perhaps it was the money. I did save a couple of hundred dollars yearly. But then again having someone work on my head always felt good so the money was worth it. I will wait till my last breath for the answer… I am sure this and all other mysteries of life will be answered at that moment. VoigtlanderR4M and Artisan 50mm 1.1 Lens. Kodak Tmax 400 pushed to 800 and developed in Rodinal for 12 minutes at a dilution of 1:50.

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