He was leaving. He had had enough. She would never find him. When she came home from work she would just find his phone in the kitchen. And a one-word note of course, “Sorry”. He, of course, was not sorry. He had put up with her for long enough. Every day he had to remind her he was an artist. He was different. You could not expect him to work a regular job like everyone else. He had to wait at home for inspiration. It could take days, weeks, or years. All he wanted was for her to work her 2 jobs and leave him alone. He loved her, but this was too much.

If he had looked up the street he would have seen her car. He would have seen that it had stopped in the middle of the block. She was coming home early and did not want a confrontation. She was through with him. This was the last week she would live with him. She was leaving this weekend. The only reason she had put up with him was that she loved him. But love was not enough. Perhaps in the movies but not in real life.

He came back the next day. She did not leave that weekend. I cannot tell you things improved. She worked the 2 jobs. He slept in and waited for the spark. All they had was love and it would have to be enough.

Voigtlander R3M with Artisan 50 1.1 lens. Kodak 400TX developed at Panda Lab in Seattle.

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