And Then There Were NoneI am a genius. I just captured 36 amazing shots on my Nikon FM2. I caught people in every phase of their existence. People singing, intimate moments of relationships, children and parents enjoying their day together. I caught young people, older people, men and women. I also captured the diversity of the street. People from around the world living here now and giving the city their own cultural interpretation. Now all I need to do is to go home and develop the film. Fomopan 100 35mm black and white. I was using Rodinal at 1:25 in the tank for 4 minutes. I was excited. I made plans in my mind to use this roll to show the world how great a photographer I am. I would be invited to talk shows, photo podcasts, and perhaps even KIRO News here in Seattle. Galleries throughout the city would come calling at my door. I would be crowned the next ‘Cartier Bresson’. Now the moment of truth. All my years led up to this moment. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me show you a miracle of celluloid. After I finish the development I pull the film off the reel…what has happened??!!?? There is nothing on the film. Did you hear what I just said? The film is clear. There are no images! My ticket away from mediocrity has been canceled. Someone who was just a moment before one of the great photographers of our generation is now someone people point to when with others, to show how far some people can fall. Nikon FM2 with Fomopan 100. Developed in Rodinal 1:25 for 4 minutes.

After a bit of research, it is evident that I used the fixer before the developer.

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