new topographics 100 645N Kent 4618 817 57Someday I will create a photo book. I keep saying that because it keeps me shooting my favorite subject, ‘New Topographics’.  ‘New Topographics’ deals with Man’s relationship with the landscape. In 1975 an exhibition challenged the typical way we shoot landscapes. Instead of beautiful pristine scenes, there were images of landscapes with man’s mark on it. I have traveled throughout the Western United States and what interests me is wherever I go man has made a mark. Whether it be power transmission lines, aqueducts, dams, agriculture, mining, housing, or even the flight patterns overhead, (the list could go on and on) as a species we are dominating the land. Some of the artists at that exhibition have become famous for the Art of those specific images but the images themselves have had no power over our relentless seizure of land. Land in our culture is monetized and must be looked at in terms of dollars and cents. I will keep creating images, but I will not be naïve that they will make a difference.

The top image was shot on Fomopan 100 on a Pentax 645N. I developed the film in HC-110 for 10 minutes @20C. The lower image was shot on Kodak Portra 800 on the Pentax 645N and developed by The Darkroom in Southern California.

Pentax 645N 75mm Portra 800 128 (100 of 1) copy



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