food drive 5418 back of truck 148Every year the Post Office has a food drive the day before Mother’s Day. The food goes to various food banks in Seattle. In Burien, the food goes to the Highland Area Food Bank. They come and unload the trucks as the carriers return from delivering on the street. There is a barbecue to provide hamburgers and hot dogs to all the volunteers and postal workers. I worked at the Post Office for many years and retired from it in 2014. I was a letter carrier and my route in Burien was 4851. I would arrive in the morning and sort the mail that was not handled by computer and then load all the mail and parcels into my truck and then deliver it. I used the Nikon F4 with the Nikon 50mm Series E Lens. The film was Kodak Tmax 100 developed in HC-110 at 1:63(H) dilution for 12 minutes.

food drive 5418 loading food 149

food drive 5418 grille 157

food drive 5418 51 workstation 146

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