5318 P3200 Seattle fm2 40F2 110-EditLast Friday I was walking Downtown toward Seattle Center. My destination was Panda Labs where I was dropping off color film. At Seattle Center, there was a job fair targeting Women. I asked a vendor what about me and they said all were welcome and are you interested? A real job? No thank you, I think I will spend my ‘golden years’ watching everyone else work. I only had my FM2 loaded with Kodak Tmax P3200. The day was very bright, so I stopped down and used the FM2’s generous shutter speeds (up to 1/4000). I developed the film in HC-110 (B) at 1:31 for 10 minutes 30 seconds @20C.


5318 P3200 Seattle fm2 40F2 113  5318 P3200 Seattle fm2 40F2 111 5318 P3200 Seattle fm2 40F2 119-Edit  5318 P3200 Seattle fm2 40F2 117-Edit

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