51318 FM2 40F2 Seattle RPX400 411-EditThe young man runs toward me. “Did you take my picture”? “I was not trying to… I was trying to capture an image of the young woman in front of you”. “Well, am I in it also”? “Perhaps”. (I had my lens stopped down to F11 so there was a good chance he would be in focus also) “I do not like my picture taken”. “It is not my fault you were walking behind her. When you see me in the street walk the other way”. “So, I need to constantly look out for you when I am downtown”? “Probably, but I am not here every day”. Then he looked closely at my camera and realized I was shooting film. He was impressed, and we had a nice conversation. People do not mind being shot on film. Nikon FM2, Voigtlander 40F2, Rollei RXP 400 developed in HC-110 (1:31) for 6 minutes @20C.

51318 FM2 40F2 Seattle RPX400 421-Edit

51318 FM2 40F2 Seattle RPX400 419 copy

One Reply to “did you take my picture?”

  1. I’ve had something like this happen only once, where someone wound up in my frame who wasn’t the subject, and who said something to me about not liking having their photo taken. Part of me actually felt bad, because it’s not my goal to upset anyone. But another part of me was all, “Seriously? You’re never going to see this photo anyway, so who cares?”

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