Nevada CA Ektar 100 N75 50 818 152 2I had a blog ready to go today but I pulled it. It dealt with a birthday of a family member last weekend in Los Angeles. I decided just to bring my Nikon Df. I have not shot digital for awhile and thought it would be good to challenge myself. I did very poorly. I did not create images that honored those present. The good news is that I declined to be the photographer for the event. I know my weaknesses. I was just hoping to catch something special. In its place, I have included 2 images captured a year ago during the fire season in Northern California and Eastern Washington. The color image was created with the Nikon N75, the 50mm 1.8g lens, and Kodak Ektar 100. For the black and white image, I used the Voigtlander R3M and a very old Leica Summicron. The film was Kodak 400TX. Both films were developed at Panda Lab in Seattle.

NE Washington 717 400TX Y R3M 50F2C 950 2

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