Clarence Robbins photos 116 285-EditI was called yesterday morning to come and look at some cameras and other photographic equipment. When I arrived, I found there were also hundreds of negatives and slides, from 35mm to large format. The work belonged to Clarence Marion Robbins (1911-2004). He was not a professional, but photography was an important hobby for him. The family wants me to go through the collection and see if there is anything of note. I took the first 2 negatives I saw last night and scanned them. My scanner does not have a 116 holder, so I used the 120 film holder which cropped the edges. I have included the scan of those images here. They are from a 1955 train accident in Centralia. They were taken with the camera shown on Kodak Safety Film. My images were taken with the Nikon Df and Nikon 50mm 1.8g lens.

Clarence Robbins photos 116 286-Edit




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