8418 400TX FM2 40V 338-EditOlympia is a bike-friendly city. They have lots of bike lanes and an educated populace who understand the bike is legal on the street. Today I rode along the Black Lake section of town and realized the route I had chosen provides all the necessities of life today. There is coffee, a small grocery store, a stairway down to lake if I wanted to fish, even wild blackberries for a quick energy snack. There is also a golf course, and when Christmas comes around, an opportunity to pick up a tree on the ride home. The best part is McLane Creek Nature Trail, which has a nice picnic area. The natural setting also gives me an opportunity to take care of any personal needs amongst the tall trees. What more do I need?


8418 400TX FM2 40V 350 copy

8418 400TX FM2 40V 355

8418 400TX FM2 40V 353

8418 400TX FM2 40V 360

8418 400TX FM2 40V 357-Edit.JPG

8418 400TX FM2 40V 359

I shot these images on the Nikon FM2 and Voigtlander 40mm F2 Lens with Kodak 400TX. I developed the roll in HC-110(1:31) for 6 minutes.


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