91218 ColorPlus200 R3M50S OR 007-EditWhen photographing the Potato Hill Fire Zone, a couple of weeks ago, I used my newly repaired 5cm 1:2 Summicron Leica Collapsible Lens on a Voigtlander R4M. I used Kodak ColorPlus 200 film. I am interested in fire because it is a very valuable tool in the history of western ecology. Lately, fire had become politicized. Many believe that fires are increasing in frequency and acreage every year. I think the statistics say otherwise. I have included here a graph from the Oregon Department of Forestry. Cliff Mass, a professor at the University of Washington, also has some comments to make on our perception of fires today. One thing has changed, there are more people today that live in areas prone to fire.


Click to access 20180305_ODF_CenturyFireHistory_11x17.pdf


91218 ColorPlus200 R3M50S OR 005-Edit

91218 ColorPlus200 R3M50S OR 011

91218 ColorPlus200 R3M50S OR 014


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