10618 645N EWA Lomo 400 057The image above was taken with the Pentax 645N, Lomography 400 film. The image below was taken with the Nikon FM2 with the same film.

10718 Lomo400 FM2 28 55 EWA 096These images are taken on Bluestem Road between State Highways 28 and 231, starting at Edwall, Washington. I was returning from a trip to Spokane. It was the time of Winter Wheat planting. Most of the wheat planted in the state of Washington is Winter Wheat and most of that wheat is exported.


10818 Kosmo Foto Mono R3M 50S EWA 015The black and white images were taken with the Voigtlander R3M and the Collapsible 5cm Summicron Lens. The film used was Kosmo Foto Mono which I developed in Rodinal (1:25) for 3 minutes, 30 seconds @20C. The image below was shot on the Pentax 645N. The color film was developed by The Darkroom film lab.

10618 Lomo400 EWA 645 018

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