DSC_5361-EditI am not home in November. I left early in the month to visit family in Portland, Oregon, and Los Angeles, California. After my visits, I will be in the deserts of Southern California. When I lived in Los Angeles, I would visit the Mojave Desert every couple of weeks, camping and hiking. I hope again to do that. I will bring my cameras, film, and digital, and see what I can capture. Since I am not home some of my posts this month will be with digital images. First, with the Nikon Df, and then after Portland, my phone. I will not take my laptop into the desert. I go to remote locations and my car will be vulnerable to theft. I am posting 3 blogs on Portland. All the images were taken on the same day, November 3rd. I was in Portland a few years ago for a few hours but did not walk the city. This time I was able to spend a day downtown and was very impressed. The city is quieter than Seattle in the sense that there is not nearly as much construction going on. The city has great galleries, restaurants, and museums. And then there’s Powell’s Books. You could spend a few hours there. I went to Blue Sky Gallery, a great resource for photographers in the Northwest. I did not get a chance to go to Blue Moon Camera, a great store for film enthusiasts. These images are captured on the Nikon Df and 50mm 1.8G Lens.











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