121018 HP5 Seattle R4M5011 328-EditIt is Tuesday, December the 18th. It is raining off and on with the temperatures in the 40’s. A perfect Seattle day. I have my Voigtlander R4M with me. The lens attached is the 7Artisans 50 1.1 lens. I have loaded the camera with Ilford HP5+ and pushed it 2 stops. I will develop the film in HC-110(1:15) for 5 minutes, 30 seconds when I get home. When shooting street I rarely use a rangefinder camera. For quick focus, I am much faster using a SLR camera, where manual focus is easy for me. Others have no problem using a rangefinder. I need to go out and practice and see what happens. I know it will take many days on the street to become proficient. I will try to maintain a shutter speed of 1/500th of a second and change the aperture accordingly. Some of my shots are taken of the backs of people and some of stationary objects. It helps me practice.

121018 HP5 Seattle R4M5011 362-Edit121018 HP5 Seattle R4M5011 334-Edit121018 HP5 Seattle R4M5011 330-Edit121018 HP5 Seattle R4M5011 357-Edit121018 HP5 Seattle R4M5011 348-Edit


3 Replies to “a challenging day.”

  1. I liked the series here. I wonder why the fourth image (walking young couple) looks somewhat different from the rest. Any idea?
    By the way, I am intrigued by the lower per film price of HC-110 (which is a bit difficult to get here). Do you think it can practically replace D76 (which is more expensive) or are there situations where someone should prefer one of them?

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  2. The walking couple are extremely backlit in this scene and I did not compensate the exposure to make them otherwise. I wanted some detail in the sky. I am still new to D76. It seems to be better for high-speed films but that may have to do with how one agitates. The developing times are shorter with HC-110 and sometimes I am a bit lazy. In other words, I am not an authority when it comes to developers. I started a year ago developing my own film and have a lot to learn.


    1. Oh yes, backlighting explains the look.
      I will be starting to develop my films soon. My first try will be with Ilfosol as I already have a bottle of it. I really like your decision to share details of your processing. Too much to learn!

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