111-16I often walk. I leave my place with a camera and walk through the neighborhoods of Olympia. I go up and down streets, walk in alleys, and wherever I go I look to see if there might be something of interest to me. No one has ever asked what I am doing going down residential streets with a camera. I never go on anyone’s property to get a shot and neither do I point my camera toward a window. I understand those areas are off limits.

It must have been 25 years ago now that I came home for lunch and came upon a surprise. I worked at the Post Office at the time. I rarely went home for lunch and I do not remember why on this day I was able to. I walked in the front door and was surprised to hear noises coming from my bedroom. As I went to the door, I could see 2 people were in my bed. I am sure they were as shocked to see me as I was of them. They were a man and a woman, both perhaps in their 50’s. They did not need to break in because my home was never locked. There was a time I would always lock my doors, but I had given that up. Thieves hit my place every couple of years and a locked door was no deterrent. I immediately shut the door and through the door told them that I was leaving for about 10 minutes. When I came back, I would expect them to be gone. When I returned they were gone. I took the sheets off the bed and washed them. I asked the neighbors about them and was told that they occasionally came around noon to my place. It was good to know I had neighbors who looked after me. Two people in love, trespassing several times a week to be together. I did not call the police.


Kodak 400TX developed in HC-110(1:31) for 3 minutes, 45 seconds @20C. Voigtlander R4M and 7Artisan 50 1.1 Lens.

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