IMG_20190129_172442 Motion was my second assignment in my black and white class ( We were to capture images that included the same scene but with slow and fast shutter speeds. I also am now making contact sheets for my negatives and I made my first prints in the darkroom. The images were shot on Kodak 400TX, rated at 200 and developed in D76(1:1) for 10 minutes @20C. The camera was the Nikon FM2 and the lens was the Nikkor 50mm 1:2 Lens.IMG_20190129_180520

11319 Motion FM2 50F2 400TX 016-Edit11319 Motion FM2 50F2 400TX 017-Edit

11319 Motion FM2 50F2 400TX 019-Edit11319 Motion FM2 50F2 400TX 022-Edit

11319 Motion FM2 50F2 400TX 033-Edit11319 Motion FM2 50F2 400TX 035-Edit

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