DSC_6196-EditIt is only a couple of inches long. It can focus as close as 1 foot with the adapter that comes with it, which gives it a macro of 1:1:8. The downside is that it is manual focus. In a world where some cameras, with autofocus lenses, can pinpoint the eye automatically and focus on it, it seems out of date. As with any 90mm Lens, the depth of field is narrow so when I shoot I expect that many of the images I capture on the street will miss the focus, the shots are not planned and everyone is moving, including myself. I shot these images with the Nikon Df, most with an aperture of 5.6 and a shutter speed of 1/1000.DSC_6225-2



One Reply to “the voigtlander 90 3.5 lens.”

  1. Was interested in the LTM version of the Voigt Lanthar 90/3.5 when looking for a proper 90 for my Leica and Bessa. I take it yours is the SL F-mount version? Seems like a decent lens but just too slow for what I do. I stepped up to a Leitz 90/2 Cron instead. For daylight street work as you’ve used it though, this lens looks terrific! Nice to have such a small, inconspicuous telephoto.

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