3319 Abstract Comp PCNW 451-EditTuesday night will be my final class for Black and White I (http://pcnw.org/). I start Black and White II on April 4. My final project is due and will consist of 5 images with a shared theme. I have chosen ‘Hands’ as my theme. I have 2 of the prints already completed and ready and will be working in the darkroom before class tomorrow to complete the other 3. The 3 prints need a touchup here and there that should improve them. These are the images I am presenting.

3319 Abstract Comp PCNW 455-Edit21619 400TX PCNW 402-Edit11319 Motion FM2 50F2 400TX 010-Edit3319 Abstract Comp PCNW 453-Edit

These images were created on 400TX shot at 200 and developed in D76 for 10 minutes @20C. I used the Nikon FM2 and Nikkor 50 1:2 Lens.

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