scotch broom, a work party, and t-max p3200.

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41719 LBA Park P3200 253There was cloud cover but otherwise, it was a bright day. I loaded up my Nikon F100 with HP5+, set the ISO at 400, and went to LBA Park, in Olympia, Washington. A work party was scheduled that morning to clear out an area in the park dominated with Scotch Broom, a shrub not native to the Northwest that takes over native habitats and creates a monoculture. The work party was made of volunteers from the group ‘Save LBA Woods’ and was led by Charles Rambo of the Parks Department. I had taken 3 shots when I heard the re-wind of the film. The F100 has 2 buttons on top of the camera that if you pushed simultaneously the film is rewound to the canister. Somehow I had touched both buttons. After the initial shock, I looked for another roll of HP5+ and all I found was Kodak T-Max 3200. The film’s primary use is low light situations but I had no choice but to load it into the camera. I shot the film at ISO 1600 and developed it in HC-110(1:31) for 9 minutes, 15 seconds, @20C. I used the Nikon 50mm 1.8G and 24mm 2.8D Lenses.

41719 LBA Park P3200 25641719 LBA Park P3200 26341719 LBA Park P3200 26441719 LBA Park P3200 266

They also found some poison hemlock.41719 LBA Park P3200 270





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