8319 400TX Seattle FM2 50 021-EditNow that I live in Olympia I rarely visit Seattle. I should try to visit at least twice a month so I can practice my street shooting. I tend to shoot primarily street portraits and use a 50mm lens most of the time. Last Wednesday I used my Nikon FM2 loaded with 400TX and a 50mm 1:2 Lens attached. I started shooting at 400 but it was cloudy so I set it at 800 ISO. I developed the film the same evening in HC-110(1:31) for 4 minutes.

8319 400TX Seattle FM2 50 016 copy8319 400TX Seattle FM2 50 026-Edit8319 400TX Seattle FM2 50 015-Edit8319 400TX Seattle FM2 50 044-Edit

2 Replies to “people of seattle, august 21.”

    1. I just walk and look for a face I find interesting. Your expression, “NW urban hamanity”, is close to what I am trying to capture. Last Wednesday I was not in any mood except a bad one. I was tired from the traffic getting to Seattle and was already dreading the drive home. I have found however that my mood while shooting has no real relationship with the images I capture. I could almost say that last Wednesday I did not want to shoot at all but did it since I was downtown anyway.


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