11619 Portra 400 CA 645 8-EditWhen I moved from the San Fernando Valley to the Northwest I never considered it a permanent move. I was going to live there for a while and then move somewhere in the Mojave. I love how open and quiet the area is. I would find a small home and live out the remaining years of my life. Of course, street photography would be different, not as many people.11619 Portra 400 epson 645 413

I would be near enough to Los Angeles if I wanted to shoot in an urban environment. It is tougher to shoot Los Angeles. Fewer people on the street and some areas are more dangerous. Before I moved to Seattle in 2002 I did go downtown and shoot. At the time I was shooting with the Nikon FM2 and the 50mm 1.8 Series Lens. I used Kodachrome, but rarely were people involved with my images. Here are two exceptions.Los Angeles Chromes 1998 1016 396 (2019_11_12 06_23_10 UTC)Los Angeles Chromes 1998 1016 391 (2019_11_12 06_23_10 UTC)

I have been in the Northwest now over 18 years. I visit the Mojave at least twice a year and I have learned a few things. I hate the heat. When temperatures get near 80 I get very uncomfortable. I also dislike the wind. I only like the desert when the temperatures are mild and there is no wind. That happens about 1/3 of the time. The northwest is very mild with much less wind. I have learned to live with the rain. I think I may stay here. I still will visit the Mojave but as a visitor, not a resident.

11619 Portra 400 CA 645 17

I will continue to visit downtown Seattle (I live in Olympia) several times a month and continue to harass the population till one day they give me a one-way ticket to…


2 Replies to “the original plan.”

  1. Once upon a time I deeply felt the desire to eventually retire in Alpine TX. That was when I lived in Houston, and weekend trips to Big Bend (at least some people in TX don’t hesitate to drive 10-11 hours each way for a weekend getaway) were my outdoors sanity checks. My experience upon episodic returns to TX parallels your experience – – – I just don’t think I could handle the heat. I don’t want to yet consider the ultimate location however as that’s too close to “terminal location,” which I am not ready for.

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    1. I liked the first one best. Perhaps because it reminded me of a similar photo of mine (https://www.photo.net/photo/17677628/White-Caravan). Yours is certainly more effective with that spiky tree.
      I do hate the heat as well, by the way. My dream parts of the world have always been covered with snow. I am too late notice that here, in my “terminal location” snow is practically unknown.

      >… continue to harass the population till one day they give me a one-way ticket to…
      I hope this never happens as at it has become a rarity to find someone without a camera (concealed in a gadget) on the streets.

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