_DSF7349Global Warming, Climate Change, whatever you want to call it was once something I was concerned about. Not any more. Go to the Mojave Desert and see what has happened. Wind and Solar Farms are being established over the sensitive habitat. I thought we were supposed to save the earth, not destroy one part to save another. Now the Democrats have made the movement more partisan than it already was by introducing the ‘Green New Deal’.



These images were created with the Fujifilm X70.


One Reply to “I no longer care.”

  1. Both ignoring profligate consumption and politicizing the unbridled release of earthly deposits of solar energy into the atmosphere reveal nonsapience at its most sinister. We flatter ourselves while the impact of self-centered rampant consumerism is only beginning to be observed but not yet felt. Welcome aboard; you’ve met Bernard I see.

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