121419 400TX1600 Seattle 028-EditThe weather outside was frightful… it was cold, about 38 degrees, and cloudy, and very dark. I had the Nikon FA, and 2 lenses, the 28mm F2.8D and the Nikkor 50mm F2 lens with me. It was after 2PM and I needed to expose the film at 1600. I could achieve the 1/500th shutter speed I needed but the apertures were between F2 and sometimes F5.6. I still had trouble with proper exposure. The negatives were dark and the short 6 minutes in HC-110(1:31) probably accounts for much of it. I usually develop 400TX between 4-5 minutes when I shoot it at 400/800 so I thought 6 minutes would be enough. Perhaps another 2 minutes will work. An hour earlier I shot a roll of Kentmere 400 and also rated it at 1600. I will show the work in a future blog.

121419 400TX1600 Seattle 114-Edit121419 400TX1600 Seattle 107-Edit121419 400TX1600 Seattle 029 copy-Edit121419 400TX1600 Seattle 113-Edit121419 400TX1600 Seattle 101-Edit

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