my second try at kentmere 400 @1600.

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1220 Kentmere 2 Seattle FA 013-EditOn Christmas Eve I shot a roll of Kentmere 400, pushing it 2 stops. The film is not expensive and I wanted to see if it would be a viable product to use in place of more expensive black and white films. I received the other day a few rolls of Ultrafine Ultramax Extreme 400 which I will also shoot at 1600. The problem with the Ultrafine film is there is no extensive data on how to develop the film that I have found. The Kentmere roll here shown was shot on the Nikon FA with the 50mm F2 Nikon lens and the Nikon 28mm F2.8D lens developed in HC-110(B) for 11 minutes @20C. I used 2 scanners, the Epson V850, and the PrimeFilmXE. With the PrimeFilmXE I used the Kodak Tmax 400 profile.

1220 XE Kentmere Seattle 20-Edit1220 XE Kentmere Seattle 07-Edit1220 XE Kentmere Seattle 05-Edit1220 XE Kentmere Seattle 11-Edit1220 XE Kentmere Seattle 18-Edit

4 Replies to “my second try at kentmere 400 @1600.”

  1. The digital photography photographing the film photographer who is photographing the digital photographer. Nice catch. I’ve wondered if two digital photographers simultaneously photograph each other but one of them has their camera set to record a negative image, do they mutually annihilate or do they eternally reverberate? (can’t happen with film due to the time delay necessary for processing…a built-in safety factor I suppose)

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