seattle, february 12, fomopan 400@800.

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fomopan cancer final 21820This roll was shot about an hour after I shot the roll of Kodak T-Max P3200 for the last post. I changed the lens on the Nikon FM3a, replacing it with the Nikon 50mm 1.8E Lens. I developed the film in R09 One Shot (Rodinal) 1:25 for 7 minutes @20C.

2620 Fomopan Seattle FM3a 50 E 025-Edit2620 Fomopan Seattle FM3a 50 E 026-Edit2620 Fomopan Seattle FM3a 50 E 016-Edit2620 Fomopan Seattle FM3a 50 E 011-Edit2620 Fomopan Seattle FM3a 50 E 027-Edit

4 Replies to “seattle, february 12, fomopan 400@800.”

  1. That’s a bold choice to push Fomapan 400 in R09, but it nicely captures the gritty look of 1st Ave. near the public market. Your pictures bring back vivid memories for me of that place from the 1940s. My grandmother loved the public market and we often took the bus there from West Seattle.
    It is interesting that downtown Seattle never captured the attention of the big names in street photography in the 1960s. Even now that Seattle occupies much more of a prominent place in the collective consciousness, most examples of work there labeled as street photography seem to show little real understanding of the place or of street photography.

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    1. I am not sure I like Fomopan 400 pushed. I am always trying new things and I like the film at 400 so I thought 800 would work also. If I do it again I will try either D76 or HC-110. I do not know the old Seattle. I moved to the city in 2002 and did very little street photography before that. I have read about the old Seattle and would have loved to have shot the city 50 years ago.

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  2. You seem to be more “at home” with this lens.
    While reading your earlier narrative, I realized that the “street” genre will remain as a “no no” for me. I like looking at fine examples, including yours, but that is all. One has to be a different type of person (than me) to succeed in street photography. I remember watching the video showing Tatsuo Suzuki shooting people, almost literally. That is an extreme even for street photographers. He is certainly irritating but… but he gets some very good pictures. Anyway, there are still still lives waiting to be photographed : )


  3. I never thought I would be someone who shoots people in the streets. I still do not have it all figured out but that will happen in time. I have had very few bad experiences, but even those were mild. I am certainly not as aggressive as Mr. Suzuki but I do get close. My goal, which I have rarely achieved as yet, is to have whoever is looking at the image feel the emotion of whatever scene I am shooting. Practice, Practice, and when done with that, more practice.

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