31020 HP5 XE Olympia 001-EditI cannot help myself. Whenever I see an area where the natural world and humans cohabit together I want to capture the scene. I shot these images this week and developed the film Thursday morning. I used the Nikon FM3a with the 50mm 1.8 AF lens attached. I developed the film, HP5+, (shot at box speed) in D-76 for 11 minutes @20C. I scanned the negatives with the PrimeFilmXE film scanner.31020 HP5 XE Olympia 016-Edit

31020 HP5 XE Olympia 008-Edit31020 HP5 XE Olympia 00931020 HP5 XE Olympia 005-Edit31020 HP5 XE Olympia 003 (2)-Edit31020 HP5 XE Olympia 018-Edit

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