4420 XE Kentmere Olympia 22I have ridden bikes for the last 18 years, ever since I moved from Los Angeles to the Northwest. Until I retired in 2014 I commuted to work almost every day, whether it rained or not. With the current travel restrictions, I have been riding more. Last Sunday I took my Nikon N75 with the Nikon 50mm 1.8AF lens attached. I actually used autofocus. I had the camera loaded with Kentmere 400, which I developed in D76(1:1) for 14 minutes @20C.

4420 XE Kentmere Olympia 07-Edit4420 XE Kentmere Olympia 05-Edit4420 XE Kentmere Olympia 154420 XE Kentmere Olympia 194420 XE Kentmere Olympia 24

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