my 10 year plan, june 17, idaho.

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Plans are always good. It gives one focus whether or not they work out. I will be 70 in another year. With my family history and personal health challenges, this may be my last decade on earth. I am going to enjoy what time I have left. I love traveling to remote places, whether it be to the Mojave Desert in California, Eastern Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, the list goes on and on. The first step in the plan occurred this week in Twin Falls, Idaho. I ordered a vehicle that will provide a better and easier way to access the areas I want to enjoy. The company is called Suboverland. They find old Chevrolet Suburbans and fit them out for traveling in remote areas. There is a waiting list and the vehicle I ordered will not be ready until next May, which works out perfectly for my plan.

These images were created in Idaho with the Nikon Df, with the 50mm Pre-D Lens attached. I shot similar images on film which will be posted on a later date.

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  1. I didn’t know about this but it looks like a great idea. One of these rigs (starting with a factory tow package) pulling a durable trailer (dream would be a 22-23 ft Airstream) would be a far better option for going Mobile In Retirement than one of the huge pusher RVs pulling a car, and much more cost-effective.
    I might have asked before – – – have you explored Big Bend? When I lived in Houston we thought nothing of the 12 hour drive to go there for the weekends – one of the largest yet least populated of the National Parks and even in July/August it’s very pleasant at 7000 feet in the Chisos’.
    I look forward to your photography – B/W especially – from these journeys.

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