eastern oregon, september 2020, 400tx (2).

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This is the last roll I shot on my trip. It was also the smokiest. I had a headache later in the evening these images were captured but I am not sure it was from the smoke. I used the Pentax 645N with either the 45mm 2.8 or 75 2.8 Lens attached. I developed the film in HC-110(B) for 4 minutes @20C. I may return for a few days this coming week to Central Oregon. I have a new sleeping bag and pad I need to test. The pad has a R value of 7.6, which is great for cold weather. Later in October I have a trip planned that includes Idaho, Nevada, and finally the Mojave Desert in California. This trip may last a week or a month, or not happen at all. My family lives in Los Angeles so we may plan to meet in a outdoor setting somewhere in the desert outside of the city. When I return to Washington I will let Winter have its way until March.

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