black hills, october 4, t-max p3200.

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Voigtlander R3M

7Artisans 50mm F1.1

Kodak T-Max P3200

The Voigtlander R3M has two shutters. A year ago one of the shutters stopped working. In late February I decided to fix the camera but Stephen Gandy of CameraQuest, where I bought the camera, was not doing repairs during the pandemic. (} A month ago I found someone to repair the camera so I gave it to them. I received the camera Friday and the shutter worked fine. But, now another problem was noticed. When focusing I could not get the two images to come together exactly on the focusing patch. One was a bit above the other. This morning I woke early and went to the Black Hills area near my home to see if I could get a usable image. It was dark with very light rain so I loaded T-Max P3200 in the camera. I shot most of the images with apertures of F/2 to F/4. While I achieved the focus intended on most of the images it was not enjoyable to shoot. I am calling tomorrow to see if they had put on a lens to make sure everything worked before shipping the camera to me. I could perhaps learn how to fix it but I have a tendency to break things when I do. I developed the film in HC-110(B) for 10 minutes, 30 seconds, at 20C. I scanned the images with the PrimeFilmXE film scanner.

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