the desert, roll 2, november 2020, 400tx.

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I arrived at Death Valley National Park on Thursday, the 12th. Dispersed camping is not allowed in most of the Park so I drove into Stovepipe Wells and looked for a spot at the campground. There were a few spots left but the areas left were not what I wanted. I went over to Furnace Creek and found everything full. I decided to leave the park and come back next year. Just outside the Park I found a dirt road along Highway 190 and followed it to a nice lonely spot where no one was around.

The next morning I went over to China Ranch Date Farm ( and had my annual Date Shake. Then I hiked nearby along the Amargosa River. That night I camped out on BLM land near Tecopa. The next day I arrived at the Mojave National Preserve. It is a location I spent lots of time in when I lived in Los Angeles. I wanted to check out the fire that occurred at the Cima Dome area. In August lightning started a fire that eventually destroyed 44,000 acres of Joshua Tree Woodland. (

I want to return to the area in the Spring to see how the wildflowers from the winter rains create a colorful floor amidst the black and charred trees.

I then traveled to the other side of the Preserve and found a nice spot under an ancient Cottonwood tree and set up camp. These images were captured with the Nikon FM3a, and developed in HC-110(B) for 4 minutes @20C.

2 Replies to “the desert, roll 2, november 2020, 400tx.”

  1. I assume those are Joshua trees making their comeback after the fire – a photograph I like for several reasons. Looks like a wide angle lens – 24, 28mm? And TriX looks like a great film for imaging that environment.
    Since the adventure truck isn’t ready yet, are you on the ground at night?

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    1. I am on the cold ground at night. The Joshua Trees you see are probably dead. It is strange how they did not burn completely to the ground while most of the vegetation around them is gone. The tree does not have real wood, it is made of dense fiber with no growth rings.

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