2 inches. february 11. 400tx

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Olympia, Washington has received 14 inches of snow in the last 3 days. Thursday was the beginning of the first and probably the last snowfall of the season. We received about 2 inches that day. A couple of hours after the snow began, I walked over to Black Lake Meadows and created some images with my Pentax 645N, with the 75mm 2.8 lens attached. Most of the snow fell on Saturday, the same day I was to receive my second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. I called and rescheduled for the 21st.

I shot the film (Kodak 400TX) at 100 ISO. I developed it in Rodinal(1:25) 7 minutes @20C.

This image was too Allegorical to leave out.

2 Replies to “2 inches. february 11. 400tx”

  1. You start at a disadvantage this time. Snow is my #2 most-hated thing in the world, right after #1 “Anything by Stravinsky” and right ahead of #3 “Listening to Bette Midler’s political opinions.”

    But the photos are all spectacular, and strictly on that basis, I like #1 the best. I like the lines and the depth. The reminder that life is “Not Safe” is gravy. 🙂

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