elma, wa. august 6. t-max p3200.

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I live in Thurston County. The county has a fair around the first weekend of August. Because of the Pandemic, there was no fair last year and this year. Grays Harbor County, just west of Thurston County, canceled their fair last year but a month ago decided to go ahead with it this year. I brought two rolls of film, one of Kodak Pro Image 100, and one of Kodak T-Max P3200 film. The color roll is at Panda Labs in Seattle and will be available next week. I developed the black and white film in HC-110(B) for 10 minutes, 30 seconds, @20c.

A bit of history was provided to us by fair manager, Mike Bruner.

“The Grays Harbor Fairgrounds and our county fair, boasts a rich history dating back to 1889. At that time, the Fair was called the Chehalis County Fair and it was held in the Elma area. In 1911, the Fair moved to Aberdeen, where it was still called the Chehalis County Fair. In 1913, the Fair was held in Oakville and called the Oakville District Fair. A short time later the Fair returned to Elma at the existing grounds and operated for many years. But during the early years of World War II the grounds and Fair were shut down because there was simply not a lot of support for such activities while focus was on the war effort. As a matter of fact, the grounds were purchased, at that time, by an Aberdeen Business man named Bennie Goldstein, who had intended on dismantling the structures on the grounds and selling the materials for a profit. In about 1944, a group of Elma area Horsemen and Businessmen, who were not going to let that happen, purchased the grounds back from Goldstein. In 1949, a non-profit corporation was formed called the Grays Harbor County Fair, Inc. which ran the grounds and fair for several years. Then, in 1959, both the grounds and fair ended up back under County control and operated under the County’s budget”


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