Always pay attention and double-check the camera settings. Always pay attention and double-check the camera settings. I should repeat the sentence a third time, but I think I got the message. I shot these images at a shutter speed of 1/4000th of a second, with the aperture set at F5.6 or F8. Even on a bright day, that is not enough light to give a good exposure. I thought I was in aperture priority. The 1/4000 shutter speed setting is next to the aperture priority setting on the Nikon FM3a.

I did find another film shooter on the street.

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  1. 1. TriX is tolerant and I like the effect.

    2. The F2 Photomic reputation baffles me. Any F-mount Nikon will render the same image for a given lens. They’re all beyond robust by any reasonable measure. The F and F2 Photomics seem bulky, topheavy, and overpriced (esp F2) compared to the “square” Nikkormats (having the F aesthetic) and the EL (having the F2 aesthetic. The N’mat EL strikes me as the sleeper bargain among pre-AF Nikon film cameras. Esp with the 50 f/2….no question in my mind that the 50mm 1.4 on any pre-F3/FM/FE makes for a bulky kit!

    3. Have completed the Next Phase and am looking forward to some recovery including resumption of picture making.


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  2. Having never owned the camera, I do not know anything about it. I have the FA, FM2, FM3a, Nikomat EL, F4, a broken F100, and a Nikon N75. I sold off all the rangefinder lenses and cameras. I have been fortunate that my health issues have not been severe. I am looking forward to your work.

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