railroad trail #4. september 21. 400tx.

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Segment #4: Mima, Washington>500 feet short of the Black River (South to North) 2.5 miles

Do not walk this segment. There is no approach via a street, and you will need to do a bit of cross-country hiking to get to it. You will also face unsympathetic neighbors who are opposed to the Gate to Belmore Trail Project (http://www.dbmechanic.com/dbm/biking/ViewTrail.asp?TID=22). It is only 2.5 miles in length, but you will be required to walk 5 miles because there is no exit point at the end of the 2.5 miles. Private roads and thick brush will stop you. The trail starts very clear, but gradually you are closed in by thick brush and trees.

In some places, it is going to get dark. You become acquainted with spiders as you inadvertently walk through their webs. Your heart skips a beat as you frantically pull the webs with the spiders off your face. You gain wisdom with experience and find a good stick to slap the brush ahead of you

It is time to give up. The Black River is ahead, but as you walk across a bridge over wetlands, you see the flora only gets thicker. A sense of adventure no longer exists. It is time to go back to the start and go home.

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