I rarely shoot color films. Perhaps if I took the time to learn to develop the film, I would shoot it more often. I shot two rolls of color film on my Fall trip. One was Cinestill 50, the other a roll of Kodak Portra 800.

I have an issue with the Nikon N75 I used to create these images. The film had long straight scratches on the same area of all the negatives. Silverfast did a great job with the dust on the film but did not remove the scratches. I need to have the camera serviced and any dust or debris cleaned up.

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  1. Thank you posting these images, funny enough I’d been looking around at other colour film choices since Kodak’s announcement of a 20% price increase on their film stocks in the new year.

    Nikon N75 – F75 here. You say you found tram lines along your negatives with this camera. Don’t think servicing will make any difference really as this is not the first time I’ve heard there’s issues with this camera or it’s sibling the F65. It seems the problem is the back pressure plate which has a knobbly surface which can cause the long straight scratches you described. Why Nikon did this lord alone knows!

    If you watch this video with Steve O’Nions (film landscape photographer and blogger) he uses a Nikon F65 which has the same pressure plate as the N75. Go to 3:30 in the video he explains the issue he found.

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