waddell creek road. december 19. 400tx.

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I am driving on Waddell Creek Road on the way to a hike. I have been on the road a few times, but there was a roadside memorial for 2 people I had not ever noticed. Two young men met death at the location in 2008.


The Memorial was next to the Delphi Pioneer Cemetery. The cemetery includes graves from people alive over 200 years ago and is still maintained today.

The epitaph on this tombstone…

Farewell dear Mother sweet thy rest

Weary with years and worn with pain

Farewell till in some happy place

We will behold thy face again

The cemetery also has a section for those whose life ended early.

The Bible describes death as an enemy. Eventually, it will take us and those close to us. I hope all of us can one day see each other’s faces again in a ‘happy place.’ (1 Corinthians 15:26)

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