the great basin in color. portra 800. roll #1.

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A month before my trip, I found a box with 3 rolls of 120 film I bought 3 years ago. A roll of Kodak Portra 800, a roll of Portra 400, and a roll of Portra 160. I do not shoot color film often, so I took the rolls on my trip to see which Portra I thought was best for my work.

There are not many trees in the Great Basin. If you want trees, you must go to elevations above 7000 feet.

Besides grasses, shrubs such as sagebrush, shadescale, and rabbitbrush dominate.

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  1. I was stopped by your comment regarding trees in the Great Basin only above 7000 feet. I checked the elevation of Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood and it’s only at 6000 feet 🤔. So much to understand about our planet!

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