the great basin in color. portra 160. roll #3.

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One of my campsites in Eastern California found me next to this tree. There was a fire ring nearby and lots of wood around to burn. The area was arid and windy, so I declined to have a fire. The next day I ran into a group photographing wild horses who told me that one must have a campfire permit in California.

The annual precipitation in the Great Basin is from 6 to 12 inches a year (150-300mm). If you tap the aquifers, you can find water for agriculture.

These Petroglyphs were found near Highway 6 near the towns of Benton and Bishop, California.

California Dodder, a leafless orange parasite.

This plant is Rubber Rabbitbrush. Come back in early Fall, and you will find the Great Basin painted with beautiful yellow flowers.

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