westport, wa. kodak gold 200. july 7.

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The town of Westport is on the coast. The population is about 2000. The area receives 74 inches of rain a year. The city is known for good fishing, surfing, and restaurants. I stopped by to try the new Kodak Gold 200 on 120 film.

I have ordered 5 rolls of Ektar 100 120 and 5 rolls of Portra 800 120 film. Most of my work is done in black and white; exploring the world in color will be interesting.

If you are curious about the fishing opportunities…

3 Replies to “westport, wa. kodak gold 200. july 7.”

  1. This is a nice set of images made on the “new” 120 Gold 200, Steven.

    I’m definitely partial to B&W film photography, but there are a handful of photographers I follow who I tend to enjoy their color film work quite a lot as well. You’re on that list.

    I don’t much care for Ektar. Technically, it’s an impressive emulsion. But that’s ironically why it doesn’t do much for me. Put simply, it’s “too perfect.” As a result, it almost looks digital. Portra 800, however, is one of my favorites. Its grain structure and the way it renders colors is beautiful. I’ve really enjoyed your work with it in the past.

    Unfortunately, all Kodak color film — and most film in general — is now way beyond my budget.

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      1. I remember some of your past 35mm Ektar images. They were very nice photos compositionally, the amount of detail captured was mind-blowing, and the color saturation was nothing short of phenomenal (it was designed to provide a slide film look for professionals moving from slides to color negative, if I understand correctly), but they had no texture and didn’t look organic at all. Even at the largest resolution you uploaded the images at, there was zero visible grain. Again, things looked very digital, too perfect. In my opinion, this defeats the purpose of film altogether. Of course, I’m aware this is just my personal opinion based on what I like about film photography. I know a lot of people like Ektar and that’s perfectly fine.

        On the other hand, some of my favorite color photos of yours were done on 35mm Portra 800 — very organic, lots of texture, lots of character.

        I look forward to more 120 color work from you, especially what you do with the Portra 800, but I even look forward to seeing what you do with the Ektar. Who knows, maybe you’ll ultimately be the one who changes my mind about it. 😉

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