r09 spezial and t-max 100. august 1.

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I need some Rodinal film developer. My local supplier, Glazer’s Camera, is out of stock. I checked Freestyle in Los Angeles and saw they had R09, another name for Rodinal. Somehow I clicked on Rodinal Spezial. A few days later, the product came in the mail. It is not similar to Rodinal, an MQ developer. R09 Spezial is a PQ developer. In other words, each product has a different chemical makeup. The product recommends a dilution rate of 1:15, which results in fast development times. I decided to try it with Kodak T-max 100. The developing times are on the bottle.

I went to Kaiser Woods, with my Nikon N90s, with the 35mm 1:2 D Lens attached.

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