I have not used Kodak Ektar often. I used the 35mm version a few years ago in the Mojave Desert and was unhappy with the results. I am testing various color films for my Fall trip to Nevada and California this year. I decided to try the film in 120 and see if there was any difference.

These images were shot very early, shortly after sunrise, on the 14th of August. I was hoping for some cloud cover but woke up to a bright and clear morning.

I will probably stay with Kodak Gold 200 and perhaps some rolls of Kodak Portra.

These images were shot with the Pentax 645. The film was developed at Panda Lab in Seattle.

2 Replies to “kodak ektar 100. olympia. august 14.”

  1. Isn’t it funny what films work for some people but not others?

    I like Ektar. I especially like it for testing old box cameras. But for general photography I use it only when I know I’m shooting very colorful subjects. It’s not as good with subjects of earth and neutral tones.

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