california in fall of 2022. kodak 400tx.

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Living in Washington State does have a negative. I am far from areas I enjoy exploring, California and Nevada. The trip just concluded required 2781 miles of driving. My Chevrolet Suburban used 202 gallons of gasoline, 13.75 miles to the gallon.

The weather started out very warm, but midway through the trip, it turned cold and rainy. I was planning on shooting about 15 rolls of film but only shot 6 1/2 rolls.

The trip was not the success I had planned. My favorite images were those which featured the land itself. If I ever made a book, it would only be images of open land and our relationship to it.

I spent a week exploring the Colorado Desert. I am planning a trip just creating images there and in Northern Mexico below Yuma, Arizona.

My biggest obstacle during the trip was Achilles Tendonitis. I was not able to do any hiking. Hiking allows a much deeper exploration of the area. It is a problem that is chronic, but one that I usually can control by keeping my exercise spread out in relation to what the tendon can bear.

These images were created with the Pentax 645. I developed the film in HC-110(B) for 4 minutes @20C.

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      1. Thanks, Steven. I’m trying to keep up my photography, but things have been really busy of late, making it difficult. Between the lack of time and how expensive film (and everything else) has gotten, I sadly haven’t done much this year. Hopefully that’ll change eventually and I’ll be able to get back to it.

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