kodak 400tx @1600. diafine developer.

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These images are from the second roll of 400tx I developed in Diafine. I shot the photos at a local grocery store while shopping with the Nikon N90s, with the Nikkor Af 50mm 1.8D lens attached. Diafine is a 2 stop developer. I developed the film in both solutions for about 3 minutes each.

I did a 13×19 print of these bears. I wanted to see how the grain showed up on the print. I was disappointed in the initial impression, especially in the dark shadow areas, so I darkened those areas resulting in the image above. The scanning process could also be a problem to consider. I scanned these negatives with the Epson V850, a flatbed scanner. A better scanner might result in better digital files. After the Christmas break, I will do a dark room print at Evergreen State University.

As with all developers it will take some time to learn how Diafine will work with certain films. Most shoot 400TX at 800-1250 to achieve optimal results (https://davidshootsfilm.com/2013/11/14/developing-with-diafine/).

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