ilford fp4+@250. diafine developer. olympia, washington.

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It has been over 6 weeks since I could go on a long walk in Olympia. I had time to hit the sidewalks after physical therapy on Thursday. By the end of the walk, I had gone over 5 miles. It was an excellent opportunity to shoot the film.

The film was loaded in my Nikomat EL, with the Nikkor-S Auto 1:1.4 50mm lens attached. I pushed the film one stop as instructed and developed it in Diafine.

Rating the film at 250 still posed problems because of the cloud cover. Slow shutter speeds or wide apertures were still necessary.

Diafine is keeping me busy this winter. I have ordered a roll of Ilford FP4+ in 120 to see how Diafine works with it. I have also ordered a few rolls of Kentmere 400 in 120 format to shoot at 800.

The streets were all prepared for the ice storm we had on Friday.

3 Replies to “ilford fp4+@250. diafine developer. olympia, washington.”

  1. It turned out quite nicely, with creamy tones and still plenty of detail in the shadows despite being exposed a stop above box speed. You don’t see those types of gumball machines very often anymore. They used to be everywhere.

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    1. This film and Diafine were the best combination so far in my experiment with the developer. It may not prove Diafine is the best developer for the film, but it does show it can do very well under the circumstances the film was shot in.


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