kentmere 400@3200. puget sound estuarium. diafine developer.

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Killer Whale Skull Replica (

My last post showed how well Kentmere 400 120 Black and White film can be pushed 3 stops with Diafine as the developer. These images are from the 35mm version of the film. I shot the film using my Nikon FM3a at the Puget Sound Estuarium in Olympia, Washington (

The Puget Sound Estuarium was founded by the South Sound Estuary Association (SSEA) in 2007.

We encourage community members to EXPLORE animals and plants in their local estuaries, where freshwater and saltwater meet. We CONNECT people of all ages to what is unique about this delicate, vibrant ecosystem. Our educational opportunities INSPIRE individuals to take better care of our shared natural resources. (

Pushing the 35mm film version was not as successful as the 120 version. The film was developed in Diafine A and B solutions for 3 minutes each. The roll was the 11th in the same solution.

I scanned the film using the Epson V850 film scanner with the Epson software. Scanning and editing the images was more difficult than the 120 version of the film.

The Estuarium is designed for children to learn and interact with the various exhibits. My next project will involve shooting Ilford HP5@800 and developing it in Diafine.

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  1. As P says. Looks great. Be interesting to see how the HP5 works. I’m going ‘out of date already’ taken years ago HP5 with an experiment of coffee, washing soda and vitamin C powder next. Need to buy some Vit C first though, then give it a try. Never tried Diamine at all. So these photographs are really interesting trails to provide knowledge. Like your observational support on the subject matter too. And….love the use of narrow depth of field. All the best.

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