kodak ektar 100. olympia, washington. january 26.

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Himalayan Blackberry

Late in January, I rode my bike through semi-rural areas of Olympia.

It was a cool, damp day. I had the Pentax 645N with the 75mm 1:2.8 Lens attached.

Western Red Cedar

I think I must have rated the film at 200 ISO. It was dark, and I did not bring a tripod along.

I looked at my Excel spreadsheet, but there was no notation of a push in shooting the film. The negatives were challenging to work with. I am usually cautious about how a particular roll is shot. If I did push it, the lab could have compensated for it in development.

I have two more sheets of negatives to scan. One of Kodak Gold 200, and one of Portra 800. These films have a better latitude range and should be easier to work with.

6 Replies to “kodak ektar 100. olympia, washington. january 26.”

  1. No tripod. So nicely sharp without. It’s quite a heavy camera, and with the larger to hold size too, very impressive results. The ‘damp’ description had me wondering how much light availability you had too for shutter speeds. All the best.

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      1. Thank you. I will look into this. Long reply here. My own 645 is not the N. About 20 years ago I was outside an Oxfam charity shop and knew the guy in there. Also a ‘Graham’. I’d talk to him about his passion for film cameras too. He had set up a camera display in the Oxfam window with the 645 nestling in amongst it. Really excited I asked him how much……. £150. Due to my nurse training bursary, very low, I could not afford it. We existed on the bursary for three years and the year before training on an ‘access to nursing course?’ Nothing really. I had four part time jobs that year to get by. My Mum and Dad were with us too in the Oxfam shop. I had to persuade them not to buy it for me. My wife, being very lovely, went back without me knowing and bought it. Had a feeling she got a little parent contribution too! When we got home to my parents’ house my wife smiled and said ‘What on Earth is that thing on the kitchen table?’ You know when emotion can sometimes overwhelm? It overwhelmed. So the Pentax 645 will never leave my ownership. Precious. Thank you for your pointing to the manual. Oxfam had no additions alongside. All the best.


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